WhatsApp Payments Feature Now Available in India: How to get that ?

WhatsApp Payments Feature Now Available in India
WhatsApp Payments Feature Now Available in India

Now You can transfer money on WhatsApp in India, because WhatsApp Payments Feature Now Available in India. Users just have to link their bank account to their WhatsApp account via Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and begin making payments straight to another user’s bank account through a WhatsApp chat App. right now this latest feature is not active on all users yet and this feature will still not for users who are registered as merchants on the WhatsApp messaging app or the whom have an account on WhatsApp Business.To activate this feature you need to download WhatsApp latest update. And if someone who has this WhatsApp payment feature already live messages to your Smartphone, then you will have to just reboot the app in order to get ‘Payments’ feature reflect on your WhatsApp. Once the Payments option is showing in your app, you just need to follow the steps which i mentioned below.

Steps to Activate UPI or Unified Payments Interface on WhatsApp in India.

1. First Go to WhatsApp Settings.
2. Tap on Payments.
3. Then You will be asked for adding a bank account here.
4. Once you tap on ‘add new bank account’, a pop up will appear that will ask you accept the terms and conditions which is offered by the WhatsApp.
5. Once you have accepted the terms and conditions of WhatsApp ,then all you to do is verify your mobile number.
6. This is where the UPI role comes to play, UPI will not check the entered mobile number and the bank accounts linked with it,so you have to make sure that the mobile phone has the same SIM card which you use for your WhatsApp account.
7. After verification of your mobile number, the list of banks will appear that support this feature.
8. Then You need to select your bank account with which your UPI is activated.
9.After this, you will need to create a Virtual Payee Address (VPA), for create VPA you would need to put your last six digits of debit card number along with some necessary information.
10. After doing this, you can now able send money to a chat or to a group.
11.If the someone you wish to send money doesn’t have WhatsApp Payments, then this app will notify you. 

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